The flowers at Lily Lodge are hand selected from the finest local and worldwide growers. Pesticide free whenever possible, fresh and fragrant always. Lily Lodge carries only the highest quality flowers from small growers like Palm Valley Growers in Chino, Robert’s Dahlias from Camarillo and Goleta Farms. The roses are grown in gardens so their fragrance fills a room with the sweet smell one used to associate with flowers before corporate floral mills began treating flowers like products on a conveyor belt.

Parrot Tulips, Bearded Iris, Love Calla Lilies, Allium, Gloriosa Lilies, Cymbidiums, Sweet Pea, Anemones, French Lilac, New Zealand Peonies, Dutch Hydrangea and organic Dahlias round out the unique offerings at Lily Lodge and are just a few of the hard to find flora at this special shop, not sold at your local grocery store or florist. Not only for special occasions, Lily Lodge's "Home Service" is designed for the customer who wants fresh blooms in their home or office at all times. Lily Lodge will deliver and replace whatever and whenever desired, in Lily Lodge vases or your own.

Lily Lodge packaging reflects the integrity and quality of the product inside. The signature wood grain embossed oversized green boxes, will make any recipient swoon. The details include variety specific floral care cards, signature ribbon and tissue, and matching flower food packs.

The rare vases sold at Lily Lodge are hand chosen with the same care as the flowers. All unusual, authenticated, and signed - some with a story. Qing Dynasty Peking glass, 40’s Murano, Alain Le Foll, Ron Arad, Tapio Wirkkala, Wolf Bauer, Blenko, Sacha Brastoff, Orrefors, Art Deco glass and Bjorn Wiinblad for Rosenthal are just a few of our unique offerings.


Important Reasons To Buy Organic Flowers

1. Organic flowers are more fragrant and natural in appearance than non-organic ones.

2. The pesticides used on flowers are significantly more toxic than those used on fruits and vegetables.

3. Toxic chemicals used on flower farms poison groundwater affecting the atmosphere globally.

4. Pesticides and other toxic chemicals used on flowers affect the health of farm workers and florists. Toxic chemicals can spread onto clothes and on the bodies of workers ultimately exposing their children who are much more vulnerable to toxins.

5. Increasing sales of certified organic flowers gives the market notice that more organic flowers need to be grown, which makes more flower farms convert to using organic agricultural methods.

Your support encourages more growers to convert to organic practices and to reduce toxic chemical usage in the world!